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When the burn is so deep and your body is shaking, strength and longevity begin to develop through Pilates. As the muscles lengthen and contract, they develop longer and leaner. Furthermore, Pilates moves allow us to discover our greatest range of motion. This enables the body to work more efficiently than ever, while allowing tension to ease around the joints. The benefits of Pilates on joint pain are easily recognizable in the low back, especially as the strength of the core develops. Specifically, this method is known to increase muscle strength and tone in the tough places such as the obliques, abdominal muscles, hips, and glutes.   


Lagree builds long, toned and lean muscles all throughout the body, especially across the anterior and posterior chains (front and back of the body). The Lagree method is amazing for increasing stamina and oxygen capacity of the muscles, contributing to a higher basal metabolic rate. (Th is why we say that Megaformer has the same burn as a cardio workout without leaving you with the extreme hunger that cardio workouts so often do.) 

For more info on Lagree we've linked the Lagree Fitness website below! 





The stronger your smaller muscles become, the more they will be able to support you and your joints, which is why these methods are great for both preventing and recovering from injury! Both of these workouts increase the length and tone of the body safely and efficiently. Additionally, the greatest benefit of both Pilates and Lagree methods, and the reason we are able to get SO much out of this workout without getting injured, is the emphasis on balance as they create equal muscle tone in both sides of the body.


The difference between the two? Pilates focuses on lengthening the larger muscles while strengthening the smaller ones through faster movements while Lagree works a larger range of muscle groups at once through very slow and controlled movements of a count no faster than 4.

What do we do?? 2x a week at both studios! Sunnyside will take care of the waste line, hips and lower abs and you can leave the rest up to the Megaformer! We truly believe these are the two best workouts ever created!