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Here you'll find everything you need to know about our studio and being a member.

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Get in the Know:

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The App:

It's true! We have an app. From purchasing memberships, booking classes, staying up-to-date with the latest studio news, and shopping our favorite retail, the app is a MUST. It's called "The WRKT" in the App Store and is free to download!


Some key notes to remember when using our app:

1. You only need one account! We recommend creating your account under the location you intend to use the most. Once you get logged in you'll only be able to see the one location you signed up under UNTIL you purchase a class, class pack, or membership!

2. You can add yourself to as many classes or waitlists as you want 3 weeks in advance! Just go to "bookings" found second from the left on the bottom row of your app to see all of the classes you're in, waiting for, and what position you are on the list. You can cancel your classes from here if you change your mind, allowing someone from the waitlist to move into class!

The Waitlists:

You've gotten the app and checked the schedule either on the website or on the app.... but the waitlists!! You wonder how you will ever get to step foot in the studio!

Don't lose hope! Those things MOVE. Simply add yourself to the waitlist whenever you see a class that you might want to take. Keep in mind that it is important to remove yourself from the waitlist if you decide you are no longer planning to attend class in order to let someone else take advantage of the opportunity AND to avoid a late cancel or no show fee!

Late Cancels + No Shows

Our cancellation window is 8 hours before class. After that it is a late cancel. 

Late cancel fee: $10 

No show fee: $20

Why is this in place?

To give those waiting an opportunity to get into class! Don't hold up a spot that someone else may be dying for!!

"I got into class 5 minutes before it started. Am I still going to be charged a no show or late cancel?"

Yes! If you are not WAITING to get into class please take yourself off of the waitlist and allow another client the opportunity! You are able to see all of your classes under "bookings" on the app so be sure to keep up with what you've got coming!

What if something came up last minute?

In this case it would still be a $10 late cancel fee. 

When should I get there?

To ensure the safety of our clients, if you are new to The WRKT we suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before class begins. We require that all new clients receive a proper introduction to the instructor and equipment. For your safety and the experience of all clients, new clients will not be permitted to join class after 5 minutes into the workout. Thank you in advance for understanding!

What do I wear?

Leggings and a workout shirt! If you're taking balanced bring tennis shoes because you will also be doing cardio.

Grip socks are required at The Wrkt. We like to keep things as clean and safe as possible! Don't have grip socks? Don't sweat it, we have some for you.

Can I really do this?

YES!!! One of the best things about Mega & pilates? It's for EVERYONE. We have clients at every age and stage in life. From the pregnant mom, to the college athlete, to the person who can't remember the last time they worked out, this WRKT will challenge everyone safely

We can't wait to meet you!

Cancelling Your Membership


If at any time you want to cancel your membership, please email We require 3 days notice prior to your draft date.


You can put your membership on pause for up to 2 months. Please email and request to pause, we also require 3 days notice before your draft date!

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