3 words to perfectly encapsulate what makes The Wrkt the best workout out there!

Step 1- Shake.

Lagree uses slow, controlled movements that activate your slow twitch muscles. Each movement works muscles to the point of fatigue (hence the shake), which stimulate the muscles and allow them to grow back stronger and leaner.

Step 2- Tone.

One benefit of training these slow twitch muscles is the speed of their recovery time. It is faster than with fast twitch muscles, allowing you to work more effectively. Also, when you're on the megaformer, each and every muscle in your core is working to stabilize you (even when you're not in a center core move, burning it out!). Talk about an ab workout!

Step 3- Transform.

This workout truly will transform your life. It’s low impact in nature and is easy on joints and connective tissues, so you never burn out! Once you try this workout, you will see that there are parts of your body that you just can't target in any other workout!

A thought from Karis, owner of The WRKT:

“Shake, tone and transform are the words we use to describe this method of exercise that we believe in so much. The three words go hand and hand. The shaking that the megaformers cause along with the focused work the megaformer provides leads straight into a more toned body. That tone leads to not only a transformed body but also a transformed life!”

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