When it comes to exercising, more isn’t always better. Whether it’s a mid-week rest or an end of the week reward, taking rest days for yourself is a vital part of growing stronger!

Energy stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen diminishes during exercise, and rest days give your muscles the chance to recharge these levels of glycogen. If you don't allow your muscles time to restore these energy levels, you may notice you are even more sore than usual after your next workout due to muscle fatigue. Rest days benefit is mentally as well, as adding rest days ensures you have enough energy each time to push yourself during class. And as we all know, if we aren't challenging ourselves, we aren't getting better!

Not only do your muscles need time to repair and grow after a workout, but in the long run, building in at least 1 rest day in your week will prevent you from burning out, and possibly from injury. Going for a walk, stretching, or yoga are all excellent ways to keep your body in movement while resting. Sometimes when you are sore, adding an active rest day is the best way to recover because it gets the lactic acid buildup in your muscles cleared and helps your body bounce back quickly!

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