So, you’ve mastered the Mega and are eager to explore what else The WRKT has to offer? That's good! Having a variety of movements in your exercise routine allows your body to respond and adapt to many demands.

Our Sunnyside location offers full classical pilates classes at the pilates tower, along with our signature Balanced class, a fierce combination of cardio and tower pilates that will leave you feeling stronger than ever.

So what can you expect when you sign up for a Balanced class?

When you arrive at the Sunnyside studio, you will start in the cardio room. The first half of class is completed here and any equipment you may need, whether your instructor plans to use a weighted ball, ankle weights, or arm weights, will be ready and waiting for you. All you need to grab is a towel and your water! As you make your way to your spot to settle in, your instructor begins their specifically curated playlist for this workout with you. Each song offers a new jolt of energy as you are led through this beat based workout. Everyone encourages each other as song after song plays! After half the class has gone by, you will move over to the pilates towers.

Movements in this second half of the class are created to compliment the moves done in the cardio portion of class. If you've taken the pilates classes at Sunnyside, this portion will feel familiar. You’ll slow your body down and challenge your muscles to move in total control in this portion of class. Once you hit that stretch (and don't overlook this crucial part), you’re done! We ask that you wipe down your station and any equipment you may have used.

If you haven't tried a balanced class, we know you won't regret going out of your comfort zone to experience this. Let's get stronger together!

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