What to expect at a Sunnyside Class

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Walking through our doors will feel like walking into a little world separate from your own. The serene atmosphere is accentuated by soothing scents, strung lights, and rustic rugs-all to make you feel at home. (The calm before the storm, if you will). No matter what else goes on in your day our boutique studio will always give you a little place to get away, a little time to yourself. You’ll even find a trendy lounge area set to perfection with free coffee to go along. As your class gets ready to start, your instructor will show you to your station and start to play an array of music specific to your class.

At your station you’ll find everything you need already prepared for you. Your instructor took the time before you got there to clean your station and set your mat up with everything you will need for the class. All you will ever need to bring is your water! As your class progresses there may be necessary changes to your station such as new weights you will need or different ways for your springs to be arranged, but you don’t ever need to think about it. Your instructor will walk around during the class and continue to make sure your station has exactly what you need.

Throughout your class, no matter which ones you decide to take (try them all!) you will find yourself continuously pushed to your limits. All of our classes are designed to be as hard on you as possible to ensure you are reaching your full potential. You may find that you need to take breaks during the class, and that is perfectly fine! In time, you will find you are able to do more reps than you could before and pretty soon you will not need any breaks at all. This can happen quicker than you’d imagine!

Once your class is over, we ask that you wipe down your station and put any used towels in our laundry baskets. This is the time when our clients start to chat and bond over their work out experience. You can all head out together and plan to take classes together again next time. Before you know it you’re a part of the family-hope to see you soon!

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